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President's Message - May/June 2014

It was wonderful to meet and talk to so many attendees at our MdHIMA 84th Annual Meeting on April 24-25th. I always enjoy this opportunity to meet old friends, make new friends, hear great educational and inspirational talks, and find out what new products and resources are available for our jobs. I’d like to give a special “Thank You” to our Annual Committee members who worked so hard to bring this all together.

When I spoke at our business meeting, I talked about the changes brought about by the advances of technology in the health arena and how it is facing and how it is impacting our profession. Traditional HIM roles are being reorganized with fewer positions remaining but other types of jobs are opening up where our Health Information background and training play a huge role in helping to ensure the delivery of great healthcare. As we move into this new era, it is up to each of us to continue acquiring the needed education and skills to keep us in the forefront of this movement. I know we can do it since I’ve seen how hard each one of you has worked to get where you are today!

At the national level AHIMA is working hard to provide us with the resources to do this. They recognize the costs involved for us as individuals so are working to find ways to help the state associations as well as individual member’s resources that are affordable. Within our own state association we have are also trying to find ways to save money in order to provide you with what you need to grow your career. Here are some things to look for in the coming year: 1. Combined Annual Meeting with the DC Association which will be held for one day instead of two. This will enable us to share costs and keep them at a lower more reasonable level for our members. It will allow our vendors to also save costs by coming to one meeting instead of two and, hopefully, attract more vendors to our meeting. 2. Use of webcasts so you don’t have to take off work. Sessions will be recorded so you can also listen to the session when it’s convenient for you. 3. Collaboration with colleges and related IT and Heath groups like HIMMS to help promote our profession, provide more opportunities for internships and resources, and find ways to provide more financial aid for those continuing their education.

I would like to take a moment to thank you all for welcoming me into this wonderful profession when I made a career change at mid-life. Also for your help whenever I needed it, the opportunities you let about as I looked for new challenges, and most of all for the wonderful friendships I gained working in this great profession. Here’s to all of you who have made my time in Health Information such a memorable career.

Monna Nabers, MBA, RHIA
President, MdHIMA 2013-2014