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Issue 27 - August 2011
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Check out AHIMA’s Summer Team Talks Recap on You Tube
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President’s Message

As the summer is coming to an end, I’m hopeful that everyone had a chance to unwind and take a little time off to relax.  The fall is quickly approaching and MdHIMA as well as the HIM profession has many initiatives to complete in the upcoming year.  Healthcare organizations are going to depend on HIM professionals to prepare our industry for ICD-10.  This important transition is certainly no small undertaking as there are many other initiatives competing for our attention right now.  The MdHIMA Data Quality Committee is currently underway to develop the 2012 education/coding roundtable schedule to ensure that MdHIMA assists its members and helps to provide the education needed so ICD-10 can be a success for us all.  In addition, we have recently engaged AHIMA to provide an ICD-10/PCS Academy in the Baltimore area for 2012.  This will be an opportunity for our coders and clinical documentation improvement professionals to get this important education and training locally without the additional travel expenses.  This 3-day seminar is tentatively scheduled for May 16-18, 2012.

Health Information Exchanges (HIE’s) continue to evolve in the State of Maryland.  It will be of utmost importance that HIM is present in these discussions and implementations to ensure effective and compliant data exchange.  In the upcoming year, MdHIMA will be having CRISP, our state HIE, provide updates to showcase their current degree of collaboration with health-care organizations and providers.  This will also give our membership a time to ask the important questions surrounding patient identity and privacy of which our HIM profession is considered subject matter experts.  The upcoming September 16th Quarterly Business Meeting will have a session devoted to HIE so please make sure to attend this informative session.  

As you will see in this newsletter, MdHIMA recently received three 2011 CSA Core Service Achievement Awards that were presented during the Leadership Conference in Chicago, IL.  It was my great pleasure and honor to accept the following awards for the State of Maryland.
  • 3rd Place - Support for Local Accredited HIM Education Programs
  • 2nd Place - Member Communications
  • 1st Place - Continuing Education Programs relating to Coding (including Coding Roundtable Activity)

Our committee chairs and volunteers are the ones who work hard throughout the year and make these special awards possible.  Thanks to everyone who played a part in these areas of our association.  
Lastly, I want to recognize two MdHIMA members who are going to be representing Maryland and chairing or co-chairing an AHIMA committee for 2011-2012.  This is a great honor and I want to personally thank these individuals for accepting this responsibility to lead our profession in the right direction.  Your time and volunteer hours are appreciated as you help to assist AHIMA this year. 

  1. Mona Calhoun- Chairman of the HIM Education Strategy Committee
  2. Monna Nabers- Co-Chair of the Best Practices/Standards House of Delegates Team

Until next time…

Dina Smoker RHIA, CPC
President, MdHIMA


Leadership Conference

The 2011 Leadership Conference was held in Chicago, Illinois on July 16th and July 17th.  Dina Smoker, President for MdHIMA and Kristen Denney, President-Elect for MdHIMA attended.  Bryant Hoyal from Maestro Strategies held an excellent interactive session on, “The Journey to High Value Healthcare”.  This focused on the challenges currently facing our U.S. Healthcare system and how we can overcome some of the barriers and obstacles to be successful.  She also focused on governance leadership and how to be a successful leader.  During lunch, awards were presented for the CSA Core Service Achievements.  Maryland was a triple winner and received the most awards of any CSA.  Maryland received a 1st place award for our Continuing Education Programs Relating to Coding,  a 2nd place award for our Member Communications, and a 3rd place award for our Support for Local Accredited HIM Education Programs.  All 1st place winners were asked to prepare a short presentation during our break-out sessions in the afternoon.  Sallie Tyner and Norma Stockton on behalf of the Data Quality Committee presented what MdHIMA has done this past year and what our plans are for ICD-10 for 2012.  Congratulations to all the volunteers who support these initiatives and committees throughout the year as you are the true winners for our state.  

Tom Hyatt, the AHIMA attorney held an informative session on the Fiduciary Responsibilities of a Non-for-Profit Organization as well as discussed the Bylaws revisions.  There were various breakout sessions held during the leadership conference focusing on REC/HIE Updates, Bylaws Revision and Review, Advocacy for HIM, Managing Finances, Volunteer Leadership Development, as well as CSA ICD-10 Training.  Finally, Norma Stockton presented what MdHIMA’s Data Quality Committee is preparing for 2011-2012 in regards to ICD-10 as well as what we have done during 2010-2011. 

Submitted by:
Dina Smoker, President, MdHIMA
Kristen Denney, President-Elect, MdHIMA

MD Educators Attend Faculty Development & Assembly on Educators

Several Educators form Maryland joined more than 400 faculty members from across the globe at AHIMA’s Faculty Development Institute (FDI) and Assembly on Education (AOE) Symposium in San Antonio, Texas July 23 – July 27, 2011.

The Symposium came at a critical time as programs prepare to teach ICD-10-CM/PCS as a primary coding classification. Educators discussed actions to advance HIM education and the future state of HIM education. They also considered the addition of the ONC HITECH curriculum to the national model curricula for HIM.

The Assembly on Education kicked off on Monday July 25, 2011 with a welcome from the Educational Strategy Committee Chair, Mona Calhoun. Educators also meet with Bonnie Cassidy, AHIMA President and Rose Dunn AHIMA, Interim CEO in which they shared ideas, networked, and set the stage for the future of health information management (HIM) education.

Maryland Educators Pictured (Left to Right): Kelly Hugo,  Anne Arundel Community College,  Zakevia Green, Coppin State University, Carolyn Eberly, Kaplan University (Hagerstown), Muriel Adams, Prince George’s Community College, Mona Calhoun, Coppin State University, Tasha Green, Community College of Baltimore, Anne  Marani, Carroll Community College

Jacqueline McNair, Baltimore City Community College    

Mona Calhoun, Executive Strategy Chairperson

Submitted by:
Tasha Green, MS, RHIA

Summer Team Talks

On July 15, 2011 the MdHIMA delegates attended the 2011 Summer Team Talks in Chicago, Illinois. The members that attended were Dina Smoker, Kristen Denney, Monna Nabers, Sally Tyner, and Christie Ferri.

Welcome and opening remarks were presented by AHIMA President, Bonnie Cassidy
and Rose Dunn, Interim C.E.O. The AHIMA election results and AHIMA triumph results were presented.

The theme for the 2011 Summer Team Talks was Designing a World Class Organization and touched on how each member plays a part in the success of our organization. The 2011 Key Strategic Initiatives are as follows:

  1. Branding/Recognition/Communication
  2. Be More Responsive to Market Agility
  3. Research and Leadership Institute
  4. Establish Effective Governance
  5. Enhance Education Programs

The House of Delegates Team and action items were shared with the group.

The House of Delegates Teams for 2011-2012 are as follows:

  1. House Operations Team
  2. Environmental Scan Team
  3. Professional Development and Recognition Team
  4. HIM  Higher Education and Workforce Team
  5. Best Practices/Standards Team
  6. Volunteer and Leadership Development Team

The House action items which will be voted on at the Salt Lake Annual Conference in October are:

  • House Resolutions
  • Resolution on Diversity & Inclusion
  • MPI in an Integrated Delivery System Resolution
  • Data Quality Management House Resolution
  • Code of Ethics
  • AHIMA Bylaws Revision

Roundtable discussions were held in the morning and afternoon sessions. The topics discussed were:

  • Bylaws
  • Body of Knowledge
  • Workforce/Career Development
  • Regulatory Issues

Next the Foundation and Commissions provided updates for the attendees.

During the afternoon session The HIM Education and Strategy Committee presented their report. There was active discussion with the attendees regarding their input and views on changes that may be made in the education arena of HIM.

Below are documents about the House Action Items that will be voted on at the Annual AHIMA Conference:

Submitted by:
Christie Ferri, RHIA


Check out AHIMA’s Summer Team Talks Recap on You Tube

Click here to view the video

Supporting our HIM Students

Calling all Professional Practice Experience Sites! Please see the FAQ’s provided by AHIMA.

Q: Do AHIMA-credentialed professionals receive continuing education units (CEUs) for being a PPE Site Manager?

A: Yes, you must work closely with the student through the completion of their PPE. Signing up to become a PPE Site Manager does not make you eligible to receive CEUs until you conduct substantive oversight and involvement with the student through the completion of the PPE. AHIMA-credentialed professionals can supervise more than one student and are eligible for one CEU for every 60 minutes of direct contact with a maximum of five CEUs (five hours of contact) per student, and a maximum of 10 CEUs allowed in each recertification cycle.

Q: How do I claim my CEUs?

A: The student’s daily log should serve as proof of time the student spent with AHIMA-credentialed members. At the end of the PPE, the HIM Program should send a copy of the student’s daily log in addition to CEU forms to the PPE site manager for internal distribution. In some cases, the school may require the PPE site manager to complete and return the student’s evaluation form prior to receiving the CEU forms. Schools have a choice as to how they identify AHIMA-credentialed members for CEUs. The school may either send one CEU form noting all credentialed members involved in the student’s PPE, or they may issue individual CEU forms. After you receive the necessary forms, you must officially report your CEUs accordingly through AHIMA.              


The Minute Mentor

Welcome to The Minute Mentor, a new column where students and newcomers to the HIM career field can ask those newbie questions and get answers from respected veterans in the field.  In my first year out in the “real world” I realized there were some topics that my textbooks didn’t quite cover; things like work place climate, the varying structure and make up of HIM departments and manager expectations of me in my first HIM role.  This forum is a chance for you to ask those questions you’ve been afraid to ask.  Don’t let the fear of embarrassment keep you from chiming in.  Only the school name of where the student is attending or a brief general statement about the asker will be mentioned.  I hope this column will encourage and inspire newbie’s and veterans alike.

CEU Question: “MdHIMA provides great education sessions, but my employer doesn’t cover these expenses so I can’t attend as many as I would like.  Where else can I find continuing education opportunities that are free or low cost?” (Carroll County Community College HIM Student)

Suggestion: “The Journal of AHIMA has articles to read with questions at the end.  These just need to be submitted to AHIMA for a fee of $15.00.  Each accurate test gives the person 1 CE.” Dolores Stephens, RHIA

Networking Question:  “My instructor has told us that many jobs are gained through networking with others in the field. However, I feel a little uncomfortable putting myself "out there". Do you have any suggestions or advice for me?”  

Suggestion: Ms. Stephens encourages students to “attend an MdHIMA quarterly meeting or Data Quality meeting for your educational requirements.  That is where you can meet your peers and join them at lunch, if provided, to begin interacting.  You will be surprised how friendly everyone is and they will welcome any new members.”

Another avenue would be to “contact one of the MdHIMA Board members or Delegates.  One of their roles is to reach out to new members and help to mentor them in the HIM field.”  

I remember the overwhelming feeling of being on the outside looking in as I attended my first couple of MdHIMA meetings, but I also was very encouraged by the friendliness of our members and the willingness of them to offer guidance.  Ms. Stephens also encourages new and long standing members to join a committee and be a voice in our state association.  This advice not only will help newcomers gain confidence as they jump into the world of HIM, but also provides valuable networking opportunities.

We hope this first segment of The Minute Mentor, gave the newest members of our ranks some food for thought.  Please send in your questions to hootstown@comcast.net.  If you would like to be among our voices of wisdom, send me a quick note and I’ll be sure to include you in the next quest for answers. Until next time.

Submitted by:
Laura Hoot, RHIT

Welcome New MdHIMA Members!

MdHIMA welcomes the new and transfer members into our state association!  We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events and welcome your active participation.  Please feel free to contact any of the Board members if you are interested in joining a committee or if you have questions or need information.  Again, welcome!

Aimee Gooch
Andy Kapit
Cajetan O Nwakama
Chiquetta Harris Leathers
Chris Woodfolk
Christopher E Schulze, CPC-H
Henriette Widgeon
Jason Coddington
Katrina L Marshall
Latarsha Fisher
Lauren Bocklage, CPC, CPC-H
Letisha Davis
Louise MalbonReddix, RN
Marsha Bruce-Buie
Rhonda L Coleman
Shani Stewart
Shirley A Waters
Stephanie Walter
Susan Lensing
Susan P George, RHIT
Tina Wilson
Valerie Jones

Dates to Remember

August 17, 2011Data Quality Meeting – ICD 10 by Body System – Respiratory – 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. – Greater Baltimore Medical Center

August 31, 2011 - Data Quality Meeting - ICD-9-CM Changes for 2012 - 12:45-3:00 pm -
Greater Baltimore Medical Center

September 16, 2011Quarterly Business Meeting and Educational Session – 8:30 – 4:00pm - Snyder's Restaurant, 841 N. Hammonds Ferry Road, Linthicum, MD 21090

September 21, 2011Data Quality Meeting – ICD 10 by Body System – Neoplasm – 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. – Greater Baltimore Medical Center

October 1-6 (Exhibit Dates October 2-5) - 83rd AHIMA Convention and Exhibit – Salt Lake City, UT

October 19, 2011Data Quality Meeting – ICD 10 by Body System – Infectious Disease – 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. – Greater Baltimore Medical Center

November 16, 2011Data Quality Meeting – ICD 10 by Body System – Subcutaneous and Fasia/Skin & Breast – 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. – Greater Baltimore Medical Center

December 2, 2011 – Quarterly Business Meeting and Educational Session – 8:30 – 4:00 pm – Timonium/Towson

December 21, 2011 Data Quality Meeting – ICD 10 by Body System – Endocrine/Urinary – 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. – Greater Baltimore Medical Center

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