About Us

Who We Are

The Maryland Health Information Management Association (MdHIMA), formerly the Maryland Medical Records Association, is a professional healthcare organization of over 1,000 specialists in the field of health information management. MdHIMA was founded in 1930 and is a component association of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

We are committed to excellence in the management of health information for the benefit of patients and providers. MdHIMA exists to serve its members, the health care industry, and the public by supporting activities and providing services which contribute to quality and efficiency within the healthcare system.


MdHIMA, in alliance with AHIMA, supports and promotes the HIM profession through professional development, education, technology, member engagement, and advocacy of patient privacy and confidentiality of health information.


MdHIMA serves the healthcare industry and public, by supporting and providing resources and services that contribute to producing the highest quality and efficiency within our healthcare system.

MdHIMA initiatives:


  • Improve Board communications with membership.
  • Implement a strategy for embracing students


  • Evaluate compliance with CA affiliation agreement
  • Review and revise MdHIMA bylaws


  • Standardize policies and procedures; revise Board policy and procedure manual
  • Create a volunteer pool to strengthen volunteer ranks

What We Do

  • Monitor current healthcare legislation and implement new legislation when needed
  • Publish guidelines for the legal disclosure of health information
  • Provide continuing education programs/workshops
  • Sponsor MdHIMA annual and quarterly meetings
  • Maintain a Job Bank, listing career opportunities and professionals seeking employment
  • Publish a Quarterly Newsletter promoting innovative individuals and ideas within MdHIMA, and communicating ongoing developments on the state, regional, and national levels
  • Represent Maryland by sending delegates to the annual meeting of AHIMA
  • Provide Liaison to health-related organizations, governmental agencies, and other healthcare disciplines
  • Provide speakers who address health information issues at schools, colleges, and other organizations
  • Maintain a registry of credentialed health information practitioners qualified to provide consulting services in a variety of healthcare settings, such as long-term care, drug/alcohol abuse programs, psychiatric care, ambulatory care, home health agencies, etc.

MdHIMA Serves

Patients by advocating confidentiality of their health information, and promoting comprehensive documentation of medical care they receive. Quality patient care is an important result of a well-documented health record. In an increasingly mobile society, MdHIMA members are key components in the rapid transmission of medical information needed for treatment.

Physicians, other healthcare professionals, and healthcare facilities by keeping them abreast of the latest developments in information management systems and data reporting requirements. Health information management professionals also provide the data necessary for clinical decision making and planning for patient care.

Researchers, government agencies, insurance companies, and employers by providing data and access to our expertise.


The health information management profession is valuable in many different settings:

Acute HealthcareInformation Technology
Ambulatory CareInsurance Companies
Behavioral Health FacilitiesqLaw Firms
Bio-TechLong Term Care
Clinical Registries: Cancer, Trauma, CardiacPhysician Offices
Consulting FirmsProfessional Review Organizations
Correctional FacilitiesQuality Assessments
Dental OfficesRehabilitation Assessments
Educational ProgramsSales/Marketing
Government AgenciesUtilization Management
HMO'sVeterinary Medicine