AHIMA Living the Pledge Campaign and Competition, July 21 – August 20, 2021

MdHIMA Membership Action Announcement!

Solving patient identification and matching is a complex problem that requires public and private sector action.  Institutional policies around the collection of patient demographics vary, however, as health information management professionals we can promote, advocate, and educate on a standardized naming policy for data collection in our master patient index (MPI) and enterprise master patient index (EMPI).

As Health Information professionals we know the lack of accurate patient identification can affect clinical decision making, treatment, patient outcomes, patient privacy, and results in duplicative testing and increased cost.  As professionals committed to excellence in the management of health information for the benefit of patients and providers, we have a responsibility to ensure that health data is accurate, complete, and available to patients and clinicians.

The importance of the Naming Policy is far-reaching and can be affected throughout the whole care experience of the patient starting with  Pre-encounter events:  Registration & Scheduling.  Patient encounters such as diagnostic testing results, treatment, evaluation,  and discharge.   Post-encounter events:  Billing/reimbursement, quality reporting, release of information, research, chart corrections & amendments and coverage determinations.

The Advocacy Committee for MdHIMA is asking our members to participate in Living the Pledge Campaign and Competition!  The competition involves telling stories- good or bad.    How an organization and/or your state CSA MdHIMA as addressed promoting, educating, advocating or standardized naming policies for data collection and the results.  Focus on improved patient matching which leads to improved sharing and exchange of ecosystem.


Have you encountered one of the following?  Odds are, there is a Naming Policy connection:

  • Data Conversions
  • Acquisition and Merging of Organizations
  • ROI Connection
  • Patient Portal
  • Coding and CDI Professionals
  • ID Theft
  • Training Registrars and Scripting

We are interested in first-hand experiences. Some examples could be:

  • We didn’t have a policy committee in my organization, so we formed a multi-department group led by HIM and we developed a charter and work plan. The first policy that we are working on is a naming convention policy.
  • I am a HIM student and have been given an opportunity to work on reconciliation of the MPI/EMPI. I am working on a policy & procedure to be updated and implemented by the scanning/indexing staff members.

Timeline for Living the Pledge Campaign and Competition:

  • Wednesday, July 21st :
    • The official Kick-Off AHIMA House of Delegates (HOD) Orientation
    • Competition Entries will be accepted for three weeks.
  • Friday, August 20th :
    • Last day to enter the competition
  • September 6th to Friday, September 17th:
    • Top 5 videos will be posted for Online Voting.
  • Sunday, September 19th:
    • Winner Announced and Recognized at the AHIMA21 HOD!

Anyone Can Enter!

The winner of the competition will be recognized along with the CSA declared on the entry form

Find the AHIMA Naming Policy Here!

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