MdHIMA Silent Auction Donations

Given the pandemic environment we are living within, we are offering a unique opportunity for members, stakeholders, and partners of the MdHIMA to get involved, support and contribute to the Silent Auction in collaboration with our Virtual Annual Meeting.

While we appreciate any support that you may have given to us in the past, this year in lieu of actual items, we are asking that you contribute $5.00 or a denomination of your choice (in increments of $5).


Silent Auction Donation


Please remember, all donations are tax deductible. Your support is surely needed in order for the MdHIMA to continue providing Scholarships to students attending our local colleges and universities. Unprecedented times brings unique and creative opportunities to the table. We thank you in advance for your support and donation.

If you have any questions on donating, please contact Linda Metro at

Thank you.
MDHIMA 2021 Silent Auction Committee

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