Maryland AHIMA members need to escalate their Advocacy efforts. There is now an effort to use the Lame Duck legislative session to request a 2 year delay for ICD-10 implementation. This is being sponsored by the Texas Congressional Leaders and now the AMA along with the Healthcare Policy Organization. It is vitally important for our membership to send electronic letters again. On the last response from Maryland HIMA membership we had a total of 138 electronic letters sent out. We have approximately 989 members so we have room for improvement and support. Ask your friends and business associates to twitter and use the hashtag #ICD10Matters.

Here are the steps to take to support ICD-10 implementation and let our leaders know you care about ICD-10.

  1. Send another E Letter found on the AHIMA website under advocacy action alerts and you will see the link for a new letter called: Oppose Efforts to Delay ICD-10 to 2014 (you will need the last 4 digits of your zip code to have this letter sent to your Maryland Senators and Congressman.)
  1. I CHALLENGE all of our HIMA members to use the hashtag# ICD10Matters to tweet to the House and Senate Leadership.

Here are some sample tweets you can use:


  • Support #ICD-10 implementation. #ICD10Matters
  • No More Delays! Implement #ICD10 October 1, 2015 #ICD10Matters
  • Support Patient Safety with #ICD10 Matters
  • We need #ICD10 in 2015#ICD10Matters
  • Move forward with #ICD10 #ICD10Matters
  • Support better health data with #ICD10 #ICD10Matters
  • No More delays! We need #ICD10 now #ICD10 now #ICD10Matters.

Here are our Senator’s Twitter handles:

Here are our Congressman and Women’s Twitter Handles:

  • Andy Harris Tweets by  @repAndyHarrisMD
  • Dutch Ruppersberger Tweets by @call_Me_Dutch
  • John P Sarbanes Tweets by @RepJohnSarbanes
  • Donna Edwards– Tweets by @repdonnaedwards
  • Steny Hoyer– follow@WhipHoyer
  • John Delaney Tweets by @repJohnDelaney
  • Elijah Cummings Tweets by @repcummings
  • Chris Van Hollen Tweets by @ChrisVanHollen

Tweet at:

House Leadership

Tweet at:

Senate Leadership