May 23, 2007 is the day the National Provider Law goes into effect. Once a provider has received their NPI, they should share their NPIs with other providers with whom they do business, and with health plans that request their NPIs.  In fact, as outlined in current regulation, providers must share their NPI with any entity that may need it for billing purposes — including those who need it for designation of ordering or referring physician.  Providers should also consider letting health plans, or institutions for whom they work, share their NPIs for them.  Failure to have the NPI timely could result in a disruption of your cash flow.

CMS has posted new NPI FAQs on its website.  To view, go to the CMS dedicated NPI webpage at and click on Educational Resources. Scroll down to the section that says “Related Links Inside CMS” and click on Frequently Asked Questions. To find the latest FAQs, click on the arrows next to “Date Updated”.