How To Access AHIMA’s Communities of Practice and Geographic: Maryland COP

You must be a member of AHIMA in order to access the Communities of Practice. If you’re not an AHIMA member and would like to become one, click here and fill out the online form.

From the AHIMA homepage, select “Communities of Practice” under the “Members Only” tab.

The login procedure identifies you as a member of AHIMA, provides you with custom information on your personal and community pages, and protects you and the system from unauthorized access.

  1. In the User ID field, type all seven digits of your Member ID Number. This number is found on your AHIMA membership ID card. Be sure to include any initial zeros when you type it.
  2. In the Password field, type in your password. If you have not changed your password in your AHIMA member profile, your default password is your Last Name exactly as it appears on your AHIMA membership ID card. Be sure to include any spaces or hyphenations.
  3. Click to place a check mark in the Remember Me box if you want your computer to remember this information the next time you log in.
    Note: Remember…your browser must be enabled for cookies for this function to work. With Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options. With Netscape, go to Edit > Preferences. “Accept all cookies” is the best choice. Your browser’s help function can provide detailed information.
  4. Click the Login button. The screen displays your Personal Page. Your personal page is an information center you can design to suit yourself.
  5. To join the Geographic: Maryland COP, click on the Join/Visit Communities icon at the top of your personal page, then select “G” and scroll down and select “Geographic: Maryland”.  Click the “Join Now” button when the page appears.  Geographic: Maryland will now appear in the “My Communities” section of your personal page for quick reference in the future.